Paint 11/2-inch vertical yellow stripes or make lines depth of band 1/2 inch apart across the bottom band of the sweatshirt. With a black marker, draw horizontal lines 11/2 inches apart between white dots. Cut a piece of white elastic to fit underneath the child’s chin, and glue each end to the right and left insides of the hat. Glue cut edges when the pencil tip hat is the correct size. Let dry. Overlap pieces, and use needle and crochet thread doubled to sew large gathering stitches along folded edges of felt. Cut out a pie-shaped piece from the circle, and hold cut edges together to form a cone. To make a collar ruffle, cut two 42×7-inch pieces of white felt. To make ankle ruffles, repeat instructions for sleeve cuffs, but cut two 20×7-inch pieces of white felt for each cuff.

Let dry. Use the end of a paintbrush to make white dots on the shirt. The clown is a classic among kids’ Halloween costumes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring  or difficult to make. Trade a few of your favorite knock-knock jokes with your kid as you concoct this easy, inexpensive clown suit. If comedy seems to be your kid’s calling, continue to the next section for a creative twist on a Halloween classic: the clown costume. Halloween is about fun, so what could be better than a costume guaranteed to bring a smile? Most of our 22K Gold Antique Necklace sets for women are the latest unique designs, and we have one piece of each.

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