With the Ultra sely weakened, Arados used the last of its energy to banish Ragstone to the sting of time. After absorbing Xios Spark Doll, Greeza entered its remaining form, which gave it spike armor and could manifest the Spark Doll power for its personal use. Nonetheless, refusing to obey her superiority, Xio and UNVER resurrected X, and thus, she was defeated by Bemstar Armor and Rudian. She attacked Planet Gold, searching for its energies, and returned to Earth after tracking it. She met resistance in Ultraman X, Rudian and Earth Protection Pressure, UNVER, and Xio. After utilizing its pincers to the pattern on Cosmos DNA, the enormous Gelworm M took the type of the s Luna Mode; both have been evenly matched by combat type and velocity.

Nonetheless, Geeza survived the explosion and stole all Xios Spark Dolls to attain its remaining type until X revived as effectively. With the assistance of the escaped spark dolls, they fused with x and destroyed Greeza once and for all. Its first and initial kind was a spiked ball, later developed into a more humanoid second kind after absorbing the Spark Dolls storage facility in UNVER Nevada Branch, which additionally allowed it to develop into a living house distortion. Space Cat Mu, Uchū Bakeneko Mū, An area cat that X rescued in the past, Mu grew infatuated in the direction of X and flew to Earth to look for it, unintentionally inflicting troubles and by accident wiping X and one’s memories of her till her tears cured the victims at the price of her reminiscences and love for X. Mu was voiced by Jenya, whom first voiced Gargorgon on this sequence. At the same time, Mu is a tribute to the Space Cats that appeared in episode 16 of Ultraman Max.

Petrification Evil Monster Gargorgon, Sekika Majū Gāgorugon, An cl house life type, Gargorgon was once answerable for petrifying a historical human civilization and sinking it under the sea. Gargorgon was voiced by Russian voice actor Jenya. The Gua Military, Gua Gundan, 12-14, was an evil empire that first appeared in the Andro Melos comics and miniseries. The fourth entry within the sequence, the series aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from April 2, 1971, to March 31, 1972. It became successful enough to inspire a second Kaiju Growth in Japan, with rival studios producing their very own tokusatsu shows and ultraman shop Tsuburaya Productions producing extra Ultraman exhibits annually for the next three years.